Sevilleta Field Station REU Sites Program in Aridland Ecology

Sevilleta Field Station REU Sites Program in Aridland Ecology
University of New Mexico
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Research university
Desert Plant Ecology, Geology, Insects, Birds
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$5500.00 and $500 food allowance
Hrs / Week 
usually 40
This interdisciplinary REU Site Program at the Sevilleta Field Station in central New Mexico will train undergraduate students who will conduct independent research under the guidance of UNM faculty in Biology, Ecology, Civil Engineering, and Earth and Planetary Sciences, along with scientists from Federal and State agencies. The summer program includes a seminar series, a weekly journal club, an annual symposium, professional development workshops, public speaking, ethics training, field trips, and opportunities to interact with a multitude of scientists conducting research in the area. Students will conduct independent research in and around the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge (SNWR) and present their projects at the annual symposium to be held in early August 2018. Working at the Sevilleta Field Station and SNWR site invites close interactions among students, faculty, federal scientists, and graduate students. Students will have numerous opportunities to share ideas and explore issues within and across disciplines. The program’s goals are to (1) provide students with a high quality independent research experience, (2) expose students to a large, multidisciplinary research program, (3) inspire students to continue into professional careers, and (4) prepare students for the rigors of graduate school, professional research, and responsible citizenship. The program exemplifies the integration of research and education. As students conduct research, they will learn how to be independent scientists, and they will gain experience dealing with many technical, methodological and ethical issues that arise in scientific research.
General requirements for participation in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Programs in the Biological Sciences are set by the National Science Foundation. These requirements are listed below: Applicants to the Sevilleta REU Program must be: • Citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions (e.g., Puerto Rico). • Undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program (full- or part-time) leading to a Bachelor’s degree. • Undergraduate students who are transferring from one institution to another but are not enrolled at either institution during the intervening summer may participate. Students are not eligible if they are: • Foreign nationals residing in a country other than the United States. • Students that have completed high school but have not yet enrolled in a degree program at an educational institution of higher learning. • Students that have completed an undergraduate degree and are no longer enrolled in a degree program at an educational institution of higher learning. Requirements for the Sevilleta REU Program: • The Sevilleta REU Program has no additional requirements. Applications will be accepted from students at any stage of their undergraduate program (freshman to senior) and any discipline, so long as the applicant is generally interested in careers related to conservation biology and ecology. • We are particularly interested in applications from students that have had limited opportunities to conduct independent research at their home institution. We welcome and encourage applications from students at four year colleges, students that are the first member of their family to attend college, non-traditional students, and students from traditionally underrepresented groups.
Stephanie Baker
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